Lighting Design

Elevating your Arizona home's beauty isn’t just about color schemes and furniture; the art of lighting design is equally critical. Ideal lighting not only accentuates your home's architectural details and showcases premium furniture but also enriches the vibrancy of colors. And the benefits don’t end there. Beyond aesthetics, it significantly improves your quality of life by enhancing mood and facilitating daily activities. Work with a specialist to refine your home's lighting design and management to elevate yourliving space to luxury standards in Phoenix. Scottsdale, and beyond.


If you’re used to delegating lighting tasks to electricians or decorators, the notion of hiring a dedicated lighting designer might seem unconventional. Yet, relegating lighting to a secondary role risks diminishing its impact. Lighting designers are adept across technical, artistic, and scientific disciplines, crafting custom lighting solutions that resonate with individual client needs.
  • Continually educated on avant-garde lighting technologies
  • Mastery of techniques that turn unseen light into striking architectural elements
  • Comprehensive training in the science of light, including physics, optics, electrical principles, compliance standards, and environmental considerations
  • Lower equipment expenses achieved through strategic bids and collaborations with manufacturers
  • Preliminary cost evaluations aim to minimize equipment and labor expenses
  • A team focused on detail develops creative lighting plans that harmonize with both your home and your lifestyle


Lighting Tones

1,700 K

Match flames & low-pressure sodium lamps

2,700 - 3,300 K

Incandescent lamps & soft-white flourescent lamps

4,100 - 4,150 K

Moonlight; cool-white lamps

5,500 - 6,000 K

Vertical daylight

6,500 K

Daylight; overcast fluorescent lamps

15,000 - 27,000 K

Daylight; overcast fluorescent lamps

1,850 K

Candle Flame, sunrise, sunset

3,000 K

Warm-white fluorescent lamos

5,000 K

Horizon daylight

6,200 K

Xenon short-arc lamp

6,500 - 10,500 K

LCD or CRT Screen

Understanding Lighting Tones

Relying on a singular lighting tone can lead to eye fatigue, pronounced shadows, and a lack of versatility in your environment. Utilize a blend of ambient, task, and accent lighting to achieve a space that is both visually harmonious and adaptable.
Ambient Lighting
Bathe your space in a gentle glow with ambient lighting from natural daylight, overhead recessed lights, or elegant pendant fixtures.
Task Lighting
Employ targeted lighting like pendant, desk, or under-cabinet lights for clear, focused light that enhances productivity and precision in specific tasks.
Accent Lighting
Use accent lighting, which is significantly brighter than ambient light, to draw attention to art pieces, photographs, or unique architectural elements.
  • Daytime

    Align with your daily routine through a "Daytime" lighting scheme that springs to life at 9 am, providing a blend of bright, white-blue ambient and task lighting in your home office for enhanced focus and efficiency.

  • Bedtime

    Ease into a peaceful night's sleep with the "Bedtime" lighting scene, easily activated from a bedside remote or tablet. Lights gently fade to a soft, warm orange glow, promoting relaxation and preparing your body for rest.

  • Entertaining

    Elevate your hosting with the "Party" lighting setting, which brings your kitchen and living area to life with a vibrant white-blue light that keeps the energy up all evening. Extend the ambiance outdoors with landscape lighting, drawing guests into your enchanting outdoor spaces.

  • Movie Night

    Create the ultimate cinema experience at home with the "Movie Night" lighting option. With the press of a button on your remote or touchpad, dim the overhead and accent lights while engaging soft track lighting along the floor, ensuring visibility and safety without disrupting the movie magic.

Architectural Lighting Fixtures

Achieving an effective layered lighting scheme requires diversifying your lighting fixtures. Our selection of sophisticated pendants, discreet downlights, and versatile track lighting ensures your lighting is not only balanced and even but also enriches your home with depth and elegance. Discover the unique contribution each fixture type makes to the overall ambiance of your space.
  • Linear Pendants

    Elevate Your Space with Style
    Our linear pendant lights, available in an extensive palette of colors and finishes, infuse elegance into your space while fulfilling both ambient and task lighting requirements. Enhance your home's aesthetic with these graceful fixtures that suspend from the ceiling or integrate within a track lighting system.
  • Downlights

    Illumination without Clutter
    Sleek Illumination Downlights serve as a primary source of ambient light and can also be adapted for task or accent lighting in certain setups. Designed to be recessed or flush with the ceiling, these fixtures come in various shapes, including round or square, allowing them to seamlessly complement your interior design.
  • Retrofit Downlights

    Upgrade with Ease
    Modernize your lighting effortlessly with our retrofit downlights, designed to blend into existing recessed housings with their sleek, low-profile appearance. Choose from our premium selection of tunable LED lights, offered in both round and square trims, to tailor your lighting ambiance.
  • Track lighting

    Flexible Illumination
    Our track lighting systems provide a versatile lighting solution perfect for accentuating art or brightening workspaces. With adjustable spotlights mounted on tracks or rails, you can customize your lighting layout. Explore our variety of tracks, including straight, round, or curved designs, to complement any room's decor.

Lighting Control

Seamless control is essential to maximize the potential of your lighting design. Effortlessly orchestrate the array of smart lighting fixtures in your home with a sophisticated lighting control system. Embrace a centralized lighting solution that offers personalized, intuitive management via your preferred devices, ensuring a streamlined setup for a tidy, attractive space.


Our state-of-the-art lighting control systems come with customizable interfaces accessible on dedicated touchpads or through mobile applications. Navigate your lighting effortlessly with user-friendly menus that display the status of lighting in each room, allowing you to modify settings with a simple touch. Fine-tune the brightness, hue, and color temperature of individual lights or groups, and easily recall your saved preferences whenever needed.


At the core of our lighting control system is the processor, which ensures seamless communication between your control interfaces and lighting fixtures. A premium processor guarantees instant, flawless communication, eliminating delays. Our lighting specialists select the optimal processor for your setup, considering your system’s requirements for bandwidth and processing capacity.

Dimming Panels

The hallmark of an advanced lighting control system is centralized management via dimming panels. These panels, discreetly housed away in a utility space, centralize all light dimming and control functions. This setup minimizes visual clutter, reduces wiring complexity, allows sophisticated programming, and negates the need for additional power sources, all while managing lighting and even motorized devices efficiently.

Smart Dimmers/Switches

Enhance your decor and reduce clutter with smart dimmers and switches capable of executing intricate commands and activating preset scenes. These elegant controls replace conventional switch banks, offering a sleek design element to your interior. Enjoy the convenience of quick scene activation, whole-house lighting management, and the combination of dimming and switching functionality in a single unit. Choose from a range of designs, including flush-mounted options in various finishes to complement any decor.

Why Motorized Shading?

Incorporate motorized window coverings into your home for a significant improvement in daily routines, climate control, security, privacy, and overall lifestyle quality. Select from an extensive collection of stylish drapery fabrics and styles to find the perfect match for your decor. Automation brings effortless control over your environment, enabling you to adjust your space's ambiance with just the touch of a button, without any manual effort.

  • Achieve flawless illumination consistently by syncing your motorized blinds and shades with your current smart home setup, allowing for simultaneous adjustments of both shading and lighting systems.
  • Customize your home's ambiance by establishing zones tailored to different lighting requirements across your living areas.
  • Benefit from exact control as your custom window shutters smoothly ascend and descend together, silently and punctually.
  • The ease of use ensures that all household members can appreciate the convenience offered by automated window coverings.

Explore the Benefits of Motorized Shading

Conserve Energy
Adjust your custom window shades to block out heat during summer and capture warmth from the sun in winter, optimizing your home's energy use for natural temperature regulation.
Boost Security
Utilize timers to automate your shades and drapes, lifting and lowering them to simulate occupancy, ensuring your home looks lived-in even when you're away.
Complement Your Decor
Select from an extensive array of fabrics and materials to enhance your home's interior and exterior without compromising on style.
Maintain Privacy
Achieve privacy effortlessly with the ability to lower all shades at the touch of a button, programming them to adjust automatically during peak visibility hours.
Protect Your Furniture
Shield your valuable artworks, furniture, and floorings from harmful ultraviolet rays by setting your honeycomb shades to lower at the sunniest times.
  • Blue frame with fabric Lutron Palladiom roller shades
    Roller Shades
  • Lutron Solar shades in a white loft
    Solar Shades
  • blue honeycomb shades on a window overlooking the ocean
    Cellular Shades
  • woven wooden roman shades by Lutron
    Woven Roman Shades
  • Blackout shades by Lutron in a cool grey bedroom
    Blackout Shades
  • Horizontal Sheer Blinds by Lutron in an olive green bedroom
    Horizontal Sheer Blinds
  • Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas in a home office
    Roman Shades


    Equip your home with expert lighting design and control to bring a heightened sense of luxury to your everyday life. Our lighting professionals provide exceptional service from conceptual design to installation for unmatched quality.

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