Bring Health & Vitality to Your Home with Human-Centric Lighting

A soft-lit bedroom with various light fixtures and half-drawn shades.

Smart Home Lighting Creates Ease of Living and Enjoyment

As humans, we evolved with the changing rhythm of darkness and light. We rose when the light first broke the horizon and retired when night fell, nestled by the fire for warmth. Our bodies adapted to this changing light, creating energizing hormones when sunlight first entered our eyes and producing relaxing and sleep-inducing hormones when evening approached.

As we and technology advanced, we were awarded the grace of a 24/7 lifestyle with lights that illuminate our spaces no matter the time of day. Today, the EPA estimates that people spend about 90% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, this lack of natural light affects our internal time clock (or circadian rhythm) that's been set for eons to light and darkness. 

Fortunately, circadian or human-centric lighting can help create an environment that restores our internal biological rhythms. Let’s explore what this smart home lighting solution brings to homes in Yuma, AZ.

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